Make Money Trading Bitcoins on the CBANX Exchange

Make Money Trading Bitcoins on the CBANX Exchange

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Make Money Trading Bitcoins On The CBANX Exchange

A warm welcome to all CBANX clients and the entire crypto community around the world! CBANX is pleased to introduce our new blog to all active traders and anyone who wants to make money trading bitcoins! CBANX is a well trusted and growing crypto exchange and that acts as your complete solutions provider for storing and managing your digital assets.

If you are asking yourself “where can I purchase bitcoins?”, then you need to consider several key factors when selecting an exchange. So, why should you choose to trade on CBANX?

In Full Compliance With EU Legal Regulations

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CBANX is one of the top exchanges that operates in full compliance with the legal regulations of the European Union. CBANX is actually fully licensed under the European Law. As European legislation regarding cryptocurrencies and trading is very stringent, especially concerning reliability and safety of funds, CBANX had to pass a complex process to prove our crypto exchange meets all requirements stipulated by cryptocurrency legislation. This makes CBANX the best choice for both traders and beginners worldwide who want to make money trading bitcoins – safer than Fort Knox!

Resources For Digital Asset Management

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Besides outstanding safety and compliance, CBANX also offers you a unique range of digital asset resources in the cryptocurrency space. The question you ask yourself is not only where can I purchase bitcoins, but also how safe is it? All CBANX services are readily available to users on both desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Key features and functionalities of CBANX include the CBANX wallet, an OTC desk, fixed deposit and daily interest savings account, similarly to most traditional financial services companies. The product range also encompasses advanced trading charts with a library of key indicators and fully transparent order books, and basic market-, limit-, and stop-limit order placement functionalities for trading. Further innovative instruments for traders such as margin trading and other features like a Crypto Advisory Service are currently in the development phase and will be rolled out shortly.

Multiple Trading Pairs

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CBANX is a reliable crypto exchange for trading fiat currencies, beginning with EURO, into several key cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH, CBNX Coin, and US Dollar Tether (USDT). You will also find a multitude of Bitcoin versus other altcoin trading pairs, including Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), and PURA. Coming up, CBANX is also going to offer ESCROW order placement functionality for trading in multiple pairs.

For Seasoned Traders And Beginners

traders and beginnersAs the crypto community has many different needs, CBANX caters to both seasoned traders as well as to beginners. Where can I purchase bitcoins is just one of the questions the prudent trader needs to consider. Regardless whether you are trading with experience or a beginner in the crypto scene, make sure you register now at CBANX and read all blog updates and news. Learn many things, like how to step by step start trading from scratch. 

As questions come up, please first visit our FAQs and then feel free to connect with us using live chat, where we aim to be at your service 24/7 for 365 days per year.

A warm welcome and we look forward to keeping you posted!



This post is also available in: enEnglish deDeutsch esEspañol trTürkçe

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